NY Strong gym store front


At NY Strong, we strive to provide our members with the highest quality service possible. We DO NOT hold a weekend certification that costs less than your monthly training. We have stood out for a long time as a very different facility than the norm. That’s because we hold ourselves to a higher standard.


You are going to lift weights. Period. We believe whole heartedly in building a solid foundation in training and building lean muscle. We don’t believe for a second if you’re a female that you’ll get big & bulky. That is a myth. Our core training revolves around strength work while using other modalities to give you the best physique you’re after. NY Strong is a non-intimidating environment and welcomes ALL levels of fitness. You can participate in one on one sessions with our qualified personal trainers or join the fun and effective small group classes.


Have you ever joined a gym with the intention to improve your health and change the way you look but got frustrated with the lack of results? If you answered yes than you did not join a gym that taught you proper nutrition. We are different because we do a thorough body fat assessment taking 12 measurements and calculate for you your macros (protein, carbs & fat). This gives you your calorie count and is the most effective way to burn fat because they will be based off of YOUR gender, YOUR age, YOUR height, YOUR current weight, and YOUR amount of training. No cookie cutter approach or base template. It involves flexible dieting and doesn’t take away your wine!