Date & Time: Saturday January 18th 2020 @10:00 a.m.

Contest Director: Todd Giorgi, todd@nystrong.com, 914.450.4300 (text is fine).

Contest Location: Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY 

Hotel Info: Marriott Westchester 670 White Plains Rd Tarrytown NY 10591. (914)-631-2200

Weigh-in and Registration: Day of Contest 7:30-8:30a.m. *If you are not checked in Friday 1/17/20 or by 8:30am Saturday 1/18/20, you will not compete.  24-hour weigh in’s available upon appt. only on Friday 1/17/20 at NY Strong 300 Phillips Park Rd. Mamaroneck NY 10543  8am-12pm & 4pm-7pm.!

USS valid 2020 membership is required for all athletes to compete. Purchase online via this link and complete all steps!!!


You can purchase at the contest or weigh in's. It’s $30. Cash Only, no checks or cc's.  I must see your card if done online, not the receipt.  

Weight Classes & Divisions: 5 in each weight class or division will be combined. No Exceptions. 

Top 3 in each weight class/division qualifies for Nationals 2020 in Minneapolis, MN on June 27th 2020. 

1st place novice also qualifies for Nationals 2020. 

*** $500 Cash Prize will be given to the DIVISION WINNER.  For example, we may have a MW 198 and MW 220 group for men. Top 3 in each qualifies for Nationals but the OVERALL MW DIVISION winner, NOT WEIGHT CLASS winner gets the prize.  Division needs 5 minimum or gets combined into LW/HW.  FOr example if we only get 2 ladies for LW 132, MW 165, HW 198 ans SHW we split into LW 165 and under and HW 165 and over.

OPEN LW, MW, HW & SHW men and women only, Not Novice.  If Masters gets split in LW/HW we will then offer a cash prize as well but cannot do if there is no weight class breakdown.  Also not, we need 5 in a total division for the $500 prize.  If there are less prize money will still be offered but scaled.  

THE Male SHW Division IS the Arnold Qualifier.  1st Place goes to Arnold Canada and we cover your expenses for airfare.  

Awards: Flavor Flav type award for1st, 2nd & 3rd place in all weight classes/divisions.

Online Entry: https://secure.getmeregistered.com/get_information.php?event_id=132735

Entries are $100. 

No entries will be accepted after 1/11/20.  To receive a shirt we need your entry by 1/3/20

NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.  ENTRIES go in reverse order for all 5events.

If you enter and back out that doesn’t guarantee you your shirt.

A portion of the proceeds will go to an Animal Rescue!  PLease donate at their table or bring items from the below list:

FOLLOW EVENT PAGE FOR UPDATES AND DETAILS:  https://www.facebook.com/events/900646876943109/

 Women                                    Press                      Deadlift                        Sandbag                                 Frame                                  Stone
LW Novice <165               70/80/90/100                 245                              125                                       250                                    125
HW Novice >165              80/90/100/110               275                              150                                       300                                   145
MW Masters <165            95/110/125/140             305                             150                                        350                                   160
LW Open 132 & under      95/110/125/140             305                              150                                       350                                   160
HW Masters >165           115/130/145/160            335                               175                                      400                                    190
MW Open 133-165        115/130/145/160             335                               175                                      400                                   190
HW Open 166-198         135/150/165/180             375                              200                                       450                                   210
SHW Open                      155/170/185/200             405                               220                                      450                                   225
Teen Open                       155/170/185/200              405                              220                                      450                                  225
LW Novice <220              185/200/215/230              450                             240                                      500                                   250
HW Novice >220             200/215/230/245              500                            240                                       500                                   275
MW Masters <220           230/245/260/275              500                             240                                      550                                   275
LW Open 181 & under     230/245/260/275              500                             240                                      600                                   275
HW Masters >220           245/260/275/290              550                              265                                      600                                   300
MW Open 182-220         245/260/275/290              550                              265                                      650                                   315
HW Open 221-275         260/275/290/305              600                               300                                     700                                   335
SHW Open                       315/330/345/360             725                               300                                      800                                  400



1) Press Ladder: Axle, Log, Axle, Log from lightest to heaviest in that order. Split times given or fastest through all 4 wins.   GUIDE each down, DO NOT DROP FROM OVERHEAD.  Strict press, push press, push jerk or split jerk each implement. 
To get a down command feet parallel not split, hips and knees straight and head through. Belts and chalk ok, belt buckle must be turned to side or back.  Axle can hit the belt if you continental but before you clean to shoulders pop it off belt and on your stomach
No Grip Shirts, Chalk Only.

2) Jeep Stock Tire Deadlift: Athlete will be standing on a podium so height is same as from the floor. Bar is a regular bar not a deadlift bar. reps in 60 seconds.  Up and down commands.  Straps are good.  No suits.
Hips And knees locked out and shoulders in line to get a down command.  Hitching allowed.  Tires will have sand in them to minimize/deaden the bounce.  But either way you CAN'T catch it on the bounce.

3) Sandbag Carry: Athlete will have one sandbag to carry for a max distance in a 60 second time limit, No Drops.   "ATHLETE" can set the bag how they wish...upright, flat horizontal, flat vertical, etc. as long as it is behind the line. 
Judge will give ready, set go command and at that point you can grab and pick the sandbag.  Hands must remain off until that point and the pick of sandbag is included in the time so pick it fast!  Turns at 60 feet.  One toe must cross over the line.  No Drops allowed. 
If you drop and time is still on the clock you will get credit for that distance carried. No Grip Shirts. Chalk Only.

4) Frame Carry/Frame Drag: Athlete will take their grip and need to carry frame 60 feet where the front ends must pass the line.  Straps will be attached to the back of frame and then must be dragged back with entire frame passing the line. 
60 second time limit.  Multiple drops allowed on the frame carry. No straps.  Chalk only.  If entire course not completed in 60 seconds or less, you will be marked for distance.

5) Stone Over Bar: reps in 60 seconds.  Tacky allowed.  Men over 54", women over 48".  Hands can't grab the yoke to assist in getting the stone over.  No Grip Shirts.  Belt if worn and has prominent buckle turn it to the back so stone doesn't rest on it.

***Competition Shirt MUST be worn for all events except for Stone over Bar.